Senior / Personal Project


Disunity is a real-time strategy game for the PC where players battle fleets of starships and conquer star systems.

Accomplishment highlights:

  • Sole developer
  • Balanced programming, art, marketing, and audio design to create a functional prototype
  • Designed and implemented things such as gameplay, UI, artwork, and backend




Awarded the Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Development at Lawrence Technological University.





Personal Commercial Project


Spaceflight Controls is a set of C# scripts for the Unity engine that handle player-controlled flying movement.

Accomplishment highlights:

  • Wrote clean and commented code anticipating extensive customer modification
  • Implemented support for mouse and keyboard, as well as gamepads



"Great value for money. Neat and tidy project arrangement, and well commented code." - Luke Brook
"Awesome asset! It gives you a great deal of customization and is ready to go out of the box." - Trevor Edwards




Personal Commercial Project


The Randomized Object Framework helps developers create randomly generated content in the Unity engine.

Accomplishment highlights:

  • Designed and implemented a coherent UI for use by Unity developers
  • Effectively designed a robust system to handle unanticipated modes of usage




"I noticed a higher retention rate in my usability testing when I added Randomized weapon and enemy drops. The Developer was very responsive to my questions." - Josh
"Not only is the system well documented, it's above and beyond what I expected for the low price [...] and the dev not only answered a question fast... but wrote a new feature in to expand the system for my needs!" - Warren Green




Developed by Infinite Machine of Lawrence Tech


Take control of a paper airplane and fly through surreal classrooms, dodging anything that might want to stop you.

Accomplishment highlights:

  • Collaborated with a large team of about 20 individuals (Programmers and artists)
  • Implemented gameplay mechanics, user interface, and some visual effects
  • Composed soundtrack and created all sound effects
  • Finalized all outstanding bugs and issues in a 3 week period to prepare for contest submission




Play the game here

Placed in the top 5 games in the E3 College Game Competition.

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